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Hey Tankbuster, just leaving some feedback if you don't mind.

 For your first game jam after such a long time, surely it's a good entry. The theme and graphics are nice, even if the use of time isn't very creative mechanic wise. 

 Anyway, IMO this game is very fun, mostly because of the car physics: I believe they're not a problem, as the game really plays like driving in the snow, and avoiding the obstacles is hard but funny when you crash and keep trying to recover, only to find yourself slowing sinking... also, even if this makes the game fun, it also makes it very hard to beat, even on Easy Mode. If that was what you wanted, hey, GJ!

 Also liked the options for different graphic quality. Again, theese are just my opinions, and maybe what I disliked other people will like a lot more. Anyway, surely a good entry!


thanks for your feedback!

I thought it was necessary for the game to have quality settings,  so  older  computers  wont  struggle.

For the next Jam, i will try sticking more to the theme and make it a little easier/acessable. =)