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I am still having issues with the 4.15.3 version of the tool.  I am able to get all the materials and models over, but importing the .bsp still causes it to crash.

Did you mean .vmf file? 
HammUEr has no support for compiled bsp files.

oops, I meant to say .vmf

Can you put the vmf on pastebin or google drive or something so I can test it locally?

Sorry for the delayed response.  Here is the vmf that imports just fine in 4.18, but it won't in 4.15.


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I don't have access to my code archive at the moment, so I can't really check with an actual 4.15 build, but my guess is it's got something to do with the displacements?

(Also, this is a decompile, and decompiles are technically not supported. Maybe try opening it in HammUEr and saving it back to clean up whatever the decompiler did?)