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This callstack unfortunately doesn't help a lot.
It just says "something went wrong in HammUEr code", which basically tells me nothing...

If you still have this problem, feel free to drop me the offending VMF if you want, so I can add it to my testing group?

You need to import any textures and materials you need separately first, from the TextUEr tab.
(and then restart UE for them to actually show up in the content browser, so they can be found and be linked up correctly when you try to import the VMF)

Hm, that should be doable.
No promises for when it'll be added (and probably only to whatever the next UE version is)

Unfortunately, I don't have a mac.
I also don't really have the time to support two different platforms with different requirements (and I'm pretty sure there's no mac version of vtflib, so that'd be another complication...)

I'm going to have to shelve this under "probably never happening, sorry."

I'm sorry, I'm constrained by what the itch (and gumroad) payment processor(s) accept.

Should now be up.

Sorry it's so late, I've been quite ill.

I'm afraid the code (and general workflow) isn't fast and performant enough to work runtime.
HammUEr comes with the source code for the Unreal Engine facing part, I'm afraid the actual conversion code isn't supplied because it uses some proprietary code I can't distribute.

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Hi, general settings were moved to the actual Unreal Engine project settings menu, under Edit/Project Settings/Game/HammUEr.
Sorry for the confusion.

As far as I've been able to ascertain and been told, the secondary UV channel for decals was a CS:GO hack specifically for one single map (nuke), that's... not really relevant for how decals work in UE? 

My bad, there's a silent dependency on a .modules file that I didn't notice _doesn't_ automatically get created when you do a standalone build outside of the editor in UE5 (but it _did_ in UE4...), and if that's missing, unreal engine complains.
Should be fixed now in the 5.0.2 version I just uploaded.

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Strange, that shouldn't happen, since those are "this code is wrong and can't compile" errors, and it... compiles fine.
Anyway, I've uploaded a precompiled 5.0.2 version, which should hopefully solve your problem.

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Sorry, no.
You *can* convert your materials from UE to Source to some extent to help with visualization, 
but that's it.

HammUEr explicitly doesn't read compiled BSP files, only source files for maps, sorry.

Unfortunately, Source 2 support will never be added.

Yeah, there's no animation support in HammUEr, and I'm guessing this one has no mesh information at all.

Yes, eventually, when there's a "proper" one and no longer release candidates.

Not... sure?
I'm going to need more information that "it always crashes when importing models". What models? Are there any error messages?

Sorry, most of the settings were moved to an actual unreal settings page in the most recent version, so you can find everything in the actual project settings now

Sorry, most of the settings were moved to an actual unreal settings page, so you can find everything in the actual project settings now

Not... sure? 
I mean, it compiles locally with launcher UE4, and has since the very first version, so...
That line number doesn't seem to match with latest source, and you didn't specify *which* UE4 you're trying to build for, so I have no idea where the problem could be...

Anyway, find any public class property that's a UPROPERTY but doesn't have a Category = "<something>" bit in it like all the others, and add one I guess, see what happens?

Hopefully the switch to VTFLib fixes this.

Not... explicitly no, sorry.
Could maybe look into this for the next version.

I'm... unsure.
I know that Valve models sometimes have different names inside of them than the one the map expect, so you might have to look for the closest matching one and copy/rename it?

I've updated the default algorithm in the new Back to School update for 4.26 and 4.27, which should hopefully take care of this problem for you.

I'll do some investigating while I do my rewrites for UE5, and release the same changes in an UE4.26 version

I will be releasing an UE5 version down the line.
I've got a preliminary port working, but I'm going to take this opportunity to rewrite some things, and the current EA build is... not very plugin creation friendly.

I don't think I changed anything in how the model importing code works recently...
You have any more information for me?

The Christmas versions should now import your 220 maps without problems.

Sorry for the slightly longer delay, there were a few other fixes I wanted to get in, and then the pandemic got in the way.

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This should hopefully be fixed with today's Christmas Fixes, if it's the same problem as REVEL303 had downpage.

Sorry, that's one I've never seen before.
I'm guessing one of your textures is broken, or not supported.
Try checking the log to see where it fails, or try breaking up your texture directory in a couple different ones, and then import them one by one to try and narrow the problem that way.

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Thanks, that helped me track down the problem.
I've got a fix that'll go in the next fix drop for 4.25 (around 4.26 release, so hopefully soon).

A workaround that _might_ work until then is to add a "wad" property, so it forces the parser down the classic map path...

As far as I remember, it should autodetect Valve 220 maps, and the Q1 rotation stuff should only be necessary to make things line up as expected, not ungarble UVs completely.
Can you pastebin (a section of) the map with the problem so I can test it locally? (with a list of expected texture sizes)

Sorry, no support is planned for exporting anything from compiled versions of Source maps.

I'll make some changes to how HammUEr handles the waaay too short internal names for models in the next build, which should... hopefully go live by the end of the month.
I remember there was a reason why I kept it to the internal name by default, but I don't remember what it was, so...

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Think it depends on what your brushes look like, how you used the nodraw options for them and if they're grouped or not. There's also smoothing/normal options on the ConfigUEr tab you could experiment with.
Other things you could try on the UE side is to maybe join the two meshes together, and let UE recompute the normals itself.

Do you mean VMTs?
It should support a subset of them, at least.

If it's your own game and assets, that's down to whatever engine licensing deal you have going on.
If it's not your own game and assets, then... no? Absolutely not? Because that's illegal and this shouldn't even be a question.

HammUEr is a tool to help people that are more comfortable working with old BSP-based level editors still use those in UE4 with its mesh-based workflow, that's it.

More explicit version of the terms of use now prominently on the page.

Unfortunately, besides the fact that I'm not really supporting the 4.16 version any longer since it's over 2 years old, there's not much information in those images, so I can't really help.
Do you have an actual log?

Sorry it took a while, but every Entity class now has a GetOriginalData function that'll return a std::map of the data the plugin read from the VMF file.

Basic two texture blend materials for displacements should be supported