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Can you put the vmf on pastebin or google drive or something so I can test it locally?

Replied to bOyka8 in HammUEr comments

The 4.15 builds are pretty ancient by now, so hopefully a move to a newer one should fix this.
If not, try moving the brush in hammer and then moving it back into place where it was, or check the texturing and redo it so it looks the same but the values are different (if that makes sense)

Sorry it took a while to get back to you.

If you selected one or more files, please check the log to see if there were any errors while importing.
Also check to see if any files were created in your project folder in windows explorer, because they don't always show up immediately in UE. (Although they should show up the next time you open the editor)

Did you mean .vmf file? 
HammUEr has no support for compiled bsp files.

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Sorry it took a while to reply.

Unfortunately, they're quite large (30 megabytes that don't compress all that well, compared to barely 300k for everything else combined), and not everyone needs them.
If you do need them however, it should be easy enough to re-compile the supplied source yourself and use that dll/pdb combination.

That looks like a base material problem. 

Open your base material and check to see if it says anything about errors there, there might be a broken texture reference there you have to fix before it'll actually render.

Hm. Try putting your project in a directory closer to the root of a drive (so c:\projectname or something), see if that helps.

Replied to SmallS in HammUEr comments

Join the sections that have weird shadows where they intersect, basically

Do you have non-basic a-z 0-9 (so accented, asian, whatever) characters in the directory names/file names/material names?

Replied to SmallS in HammUEr comments

Try to use a nodraw material for faces that can't be seen, and grouping the walls together.

The pre-4.16 builds are rather old by now, and even Epic doesn't really support them any longer, officially.
Is there a specific reason you need to use such an old version of the Unreal Engine? If there is, I can *try* to debug it based on your logs and the vmf file, but if it imports fine in a newer version...

Just tested it, and it should import fine.
It does seem to point to  the texture Models/props_c17/fence_alpha, so if it couldn't find that, that might be why?

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Ah, yeah, that's a kinda tricky one I keep forgetting to explain/add to the archive.

Basically, to fix this:

  1.  download the '1.7.1 alpha for source builds' package
  2.  create a Source directory under your HammUEr directory
  3.  create a HammUEr and HammUErRuntime under that
  4.  copy over just the HammUEr.build.cs file from the package to the HammUEr directory, not the rest of the source files
  5.  copy over the entire contents of the HammUErRuntime directory

Compiling and packaging your project shouldn't be a problem any more.

Let me know if you do run into any more things or have questions.

It would require rebuilding the pipeline (since people explicitly didn't want anything to do with UE4's BSP tools), and wouldn't support everything, but I can try and fork a build that does that. 
Wouldn't happen overnight, though, so don't hold your breath.

Don't know anyone that's tried importing SOF2 maps yet, so I wouldn't be able to give a definitive answer, but I know people have imported Jedi Knight Academy maps without too much trouble, so it all depends on how 'vanilla' Raven kept the map format, I guess. 
I could try importing one, if you put it online somewhere?

Replied to jkinz3 in HammUEr comments
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Have you tried turning on "Round accepted points to nearest integer"? That should be able to help with some of those problems (although it can't really help with larger gaps)

Unfortunately, I don't think itch.io supports paysafecard yet.

Replied to imsurr in HammUEr comments
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Weird. Can you pastebin your import log for the import of a single model?

Replied to imsurr in HammUEr comments

Are your base materials okay?

Try to open them and see if UE has any warnings about them.

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Weird. There are known problems with decompilers writing broken vmf files, though.
Have you tried opening your decompiled maps in Hammer, see if they work there and save them before trying to import them in HammUEr again?
Just checked with an inferno vmf from here, and that imports (mostly) fine, so maybe use those instead of your own decompiles?

...  huh.
Did it really not create any actors for the actual level geometry in your map?
Or are they just not being rendered?
Have you tried clicking the eye icon off and on to force a show all refresh, like in the troubleshooting section of the documentation?

Some of CSGO's files as shipped are, for lack of a better word, corrupted.
However, there is a solution for this: delete the <filename>.vtx file, but make sure you leave <filename>.dx90.vtx in place.
That should let you import them.

While I'm at it, quite a lot of them also have the wrong internal filename that overlaps with another one, and since I'm using that to name them, there'll be "missing" and "wrong" models because of this. The little checkbox to the right forces HammUEr to use the filename instead of the internal one, and should take care of most of them problems. (You might have to re-import the "real" name ones if some of them got overwritten anyway)

Maybe. No promises, tho.

Replied to SmallS in HammUEr comments
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Second verse, same as the first.

The $selfillummask node isn't used for most materials, so most of them compiled fine, but the $selfillummask param2D node got emptied, so you just need to put a random texture in there (it won't be used for most of them, and if it get used, it'll be replaced by what needs to be there anyway)

(while you're at it, check all the other nodes in your material to see if any of them got reset to nothing as well)

Replied to SmallS in HammUEr comments
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If your base material has errors, check it, and try to fix whatever's wrong first.
UE straight up doesn't load materials that have "errors", as you can see from all the "Failed to compile Material Instance" warnings in the log.

Looks like it's looking for flat_normal in the content root, so you probably have to point the $bumpmap node to whatever directory you unpacked the sample material zip normal texture into, until the error message in the base material editor view is gone and it actually compiles.  It'll probably take a while to actually compile all your other materials for the first time as well.
I have no idea what the HammUEr/road_street_04 and road_street_04_nrm it's looking for and can't find, I'm assuming those are yours you assigned to other nodes/used in your own base material and then moved/deleted?

Replied to SmallS in HammUEr comments

Can you turn on verbose debug logging, rebuild your master list and pastebin or dropbox the log file so I can take a look at what's happening?

Replied to SmallS in HammUEr comments

Different drives shouldn't matter.
I... have no idea what could be wrong. A full rebuild should fill your database with everything it's found.
If you turn on verbose debug messages on the ConfigUEr tab, you should have a lot of "LogTemp:Warning: ..... Adding to master material list" lines.
What version are you running?

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I can't remember any reason why the previous archive wouldn't compile under 1.6 off the top of my head.
Anyway, I've uploaded the 1.7.1 source archive I used to compile the 1.6 build

Replied to SmallS in HammUEr comments

Strange, that shouldn't be happening.
Can you look at hammUErPlugin.cfg in your <project directory>\Config in a text editor and see if there's 5 things on every line (so MATERIALS/BRICK/BRICKFLOOR001A,512,512,0,BRICK/brickfloor001a_mat instead of MATERIALS/BRICK/BRICKFLOOR001A,512,512,0,). If almost everything shows up as None, they probably don't.
What you can do is remove everything after the "hammUErVersion,4" line and saving the file, and do another discovery with rebuild master list ticked on.
If you still have mostly 'None' materials, there's something else seriously wrong.
Do you have directories with non-A-Z characters? (Accents or whatnot)

It should have worked, but there's a couple of possibilities.

  • Sometimes, you have to restart UE before actually importing a map after importing a bucketload of materials, since it takes it a while to catch up on the new files.
  • Did you check that the material assignments on import were correct? (If they weren't, you might have to rebuild the master list in the discovery section of the TextUEr tab)
  • Another possibility might be that your material might have some kind of problem if you're not using the supplied one that stops UE from rendering some combinations until the problem is fixed.
Replied to aztec in HammUEr comments

There is no specific support for CoD and other Quake-derived engines, nor will that be added.
However, there is basic support (where the map format isn't too different) that should at least import basic brushwork from your own levels.

I'm assuming you mean "can a brush have multiple textures on it and still keep them", right?
Then the answer is yes. The materials you've selected in Hammer will be applied to the faces in UE

You can either set your lightmap resolution higher than the default on the ConfigUEr tab so that it gets applied to everything on import (which might be overkill), or adjust them case-by-case in-editor by selecting the mesh in the level, then going to the details tab. Scroll down to the Lighting section, click overridden and select a new lightmap size.
(If you want to do this automatically, I did another plugin that does that you might want to check out)

Oh, I'm sorry it took so long to figure out, but I got it.
The only sure-fire way to stop z-fighting between different meshes is to adjust your brushes to not overlap in hammer before importing.

I'm sorry, I have no idea what you mean.
Can you record a video or something?

Not a bug, but a difference in how Source and UE do lightmapping.
Make sure there's only one directional light in your map, otherwise it'll be overbright.
Also, you might have to adjust lightmap resolutions, depending on your map.

Replied to KappaJ in HammUEr comments

I'm sure there are eventual (rendering framerate linked) limits, but I couldn't really tell you what they are.
It definitely won't take days to import your maps into UE either.

Not at the moment, I'm afraid. If it's a single brush, you can export the fbx to your favourite editing program and re-import. If it's multiple brushes, you should be able to tell HammUEr to only reimport those after you've modified them in Hammer.

(Epic are working on some kind of in-editor mesh modification thing, tho, although I've only seen it demo'd with VR?)

It does, and if there are lights in your imported map (or if you add ones in your Unreal map, like the default map's sky sphere), it should automatically show you at least preview lighting for your map. (Example)

Sorry, there is no Source 2 support at the moment, nor is it planned, since Source 2 is a brand new engine which works in a totally different way from the older engines HammUEr supports.