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Thank you for your purchase. 

Okay, I'll look into the app issue and get back to you as soon as I can. 

As for the skip option, has it been enabled in the preferences screen? Sorry for the obvious question, I am just trying to narrow things down. 

And do you mean roll back, when you refer to back? I had removed rollback from the game, but I can put the option back in if that would be preferable to players. 

Hello, fairfaxleasee

Right, I've looked into the itch app and, from what I can see, if you have downloaded the demo, it will not let you then download the full game and vice versa. I found I had to uninstall the demo in order to install the full version. I'm not sure if this is how it should be working, but this is what my tests found (unless I was completely missing something  - which is possible) . If this isn't related to the problem you've been having, could I ask you send a screenshot of the problem to , please, and I will investigate further.

As for the skip option and rollback functions, I've created a new build of the game with rollback enabled and the quick menu (with skip button) available at the bottom of the screen. Please let me know if you would prefer this one and I will get it uploaded.

Yes, I'd really prefer to have the quick menu with the rollback option (I tend to like to skip dialogue in the common routes of these games 

and I like the option to roll back because I don't always remember the questions corresponding with choices).

No problem. I have added two new files of the game to the main page. In the build, rollback has been enabled and I've added a quick menu so you can skip dialogue without pressing Ctrl. 

I hope this helps.