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While I absolutely love it and have finally gotten to the point where I can ALMOST get out of the starting room consistiently, I'd disagree with 6dof since... well, you can never adjust roll, only pitch or yaw. Also is there something I'm supposed to be trying to do beyond "yeahYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH" around the map and tag the heads of the worms so I can continue to "yeahYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH" my way around the map? If not, maybe add a counter on how many shots I've landed or a timer or something?

thanks for playing!

for sure, definitely "almost" 6dof (wink). I certainly agree that any explicit indicator of achievement before you get wormed would be a great low-hanging revision to make and is a bang-on piece of feedback.

would you be interested in playing with this movement system in a larger game with more content to back it up?