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Hi there!

To answer your question first; yes! The Good and True endings are basically the only "good" endings-- but you should def check out the other endings as well! Even though they are heartbreaking, they are very interesting.

We're both so glad to hear you like Issa and Mell! They were a ton of fun to write and design.

Issa was topless in the true ending because uh, well, she could be! It's her island, there's no rules, no society-- why not?
(Plus, it's kind of bullhonk that ladies aren't usually allowed to be topless while men are!)

Thanks a ton for your awesome comment and we're so glad to hear you liked the game! <3

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Thanks for answer. Maybe I'll try to get other endings... if you say they are interesting too... but later. I guess for girl being topless in company of only 1 another girl is not embarrasing haha. You're welcome