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Sofdelux Studio

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Thanks a ton! We're glad you liked it-- and we hope you get to check out some of the other endings! (Some of them are pretty brutal!)

Thanks so much! (And sorry this reply is so late, haha!)

This comment is so wonderful; thank you for making it!

It really made both of us so happy to read it and we're both so glad you enjoyed the game so thoroughly! (And glad you liked Issa so much, heh!)

Have an awesome day-- we both really hope you'll be looking forward to our next game too! <3

Thanks so much, we're happy to hear you liked the game! Angie is a fav of ours too! (Tho we can't really pick who we like best, we love 'em all!)

 We're happy you liked it, and thanks for the comment!

Thank you! We are both so excited and honored to hear you liked the game! (We are both big fans of Dr.Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend, hehe!)

Glad to hear Issa grew on you (Don't worry-- we get how she is spooky, heh!) and that everything with Mell was satisfying as well. I know Nami had a lot of fun writing and developing these two, and I had a lot of fun coming up with the ways they emote.

Thanks so much again for taking the time to play and comment on our game-- we really appreciate it! <3

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Oh gosh-- thank you so much! We are both so happy to get this comment, and so happy to hear that Mermaid Splash made such an impression on you! (Just between you ans me, are are planning an eventual sequel to Mermaid Splash, hehe! But that's all I can say for now!)

We are also so glad you noticed so many of the little variants! They can be hard to get but satisfying to find, imo!

Thank you again for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment and we hope you enjoy our new game too~ <3 <3

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The game was made for YuriJam after all! Not much of a spoiler, sorry to say!

We're both glad to hear you liked it!

We actually have another completely free and finished game called Mermaid Splash you might like, and both Nami and DCS (That's the both of us who made this game!) have lots of games available on our accounts! All free!

I'd recommend One-Eyed Lee: A prologue, Tomai, Her Tears Were My Light, and KAIMA if you liked this game! <3 Hope you find something you like!

Thanks a ton-- we're both glad to hear you like it!

And just so you know, Mell and Issa are definitely not just gals who are pals... ;)

Hi hi! So glad to hear you liked it~

Both of the characters in this game identify as female! <3

Thanks a ton, we're so glad you liked the game!

As for the Issa Stabbing Simulator-- I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens~ <3

Thanks so much! We appreciate your understanding and definitely appreciate your support. (And we both hope you'll like the True End to the game if you choose to pursue it, hehe~)


If you're looking for some Visual Novels that don't mention anything sexual at all, I'd like to recommend some ofNami's games-- such as,Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, Her Tears Were My Light, and theLonely Wolf Treat series for good measure! Hope you'll enjoy~!

Thanks! We are so glad to hear that!

Hey hey! We are both so glad to hear you liked the game!

We are a bit...saddened to see your video title though. We were checking around your other videos and none of the other titles follow this trend of shock at something that is completely normal, and honestly-- to see this title really bummed us out!

It's also very confusing considering how much you seemed to like the game?

We aren't comfortable having a video with a title like this in our comment section-- so if the title remains the same we will remove it, but if you change it we would gladly help promote your LP by keeping it here!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Ohhh your Issa is so cute!! Thank you for sharing!

Oh! This is so awesome-- thank you! We are both delighted to see you'll be playing the game!

>:3 There's lots of fun and spooky endings-- hope you enjoy~

Thanks so much! You don't need to write a big long paragraph to make us smile :)

Wow, thank you so much! Such a kind review ;o; We're so glad you enjoyed it!!

Hehe! We are so so glad to hear it!

Maybe if enough people beg for it, we can release a super scary Issa stabbing simulator...heh.

Thanks! We're glad to hear it!

Thank you!

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! The thumbnail was very confusing for a second, haha!



Hi! My advice is just to draw a lot! Draw everyday! Draw things you love and post them online--if you do that enough, you'll find a whole bunch of people who like your work there to support you! DON'T GIVE UP <3

Thank you so much!

Thank you, and we definitely hope to make at least one more! <3

Sorry for the late response--this sounds like an issue with your internet browser :( All I can tell you is try to get it to allow the download.

Thank you!!! <3

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Oh, well, DCS wrote basically half of this game! <X) Tee hee!

If you do end up reading a solo-DCS game tho, we hope you enjoy it! <3

OOOH!!! Thank you so much!!! <3333

Oh gosh, thank you so so much! The title card is so cute for this-- is there anywhere you've posted it that we can reblog? We would love to save the image by itself-- it's so cute!!!!

Also, funny enough, you already played a game with DCS involved! A Werewolf Opportunity, Obviously was completely drawn by DCS! (Written by someone who isn't DCS tho!)

Thank you! We're so glad to hear that!

Thanks so much! <3

Well, I hope you enjoy the game! <3

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The naughtier pictures are on DCS' (which is me, hi!) private patron blog, which needs a $5 pledge to access. It comes with the pics mentioned, and then hundreds of other cool pics too!

That's fine to hear about preferring yuri, but surprise! DCS (me again, hi!) actually drew all of the kissing, hugging, and lovin' in Mermaid Splash! ;) All of the CG's in the game were drawn by DCS (as well as the character designs, story, etc) and all of the busts (and writing and coding, etc) are by Nami-- so it's a yuri-fest from the both of us, combined! (Yay for Sofdelux!)

And again, all of that stuff is included in the PDF for this game-- so if you wanna see that stuff, play the game or get the PDF!

Regardless-- that's fine if you aren't interested in pursuing the images on the private blog of DCS' patreon, so instead I'm going to recommend Nami's explicit comic, Delicacy, which you can get for the same price.

(Edited 1 time)

The art collection includes all of the art in the game, concept art, and some miscellaneous art work for the game! Think of it like an art book, except it's a PDF.

As for yuri, the whole game is yuri! There's smooching and hugging and loving around every corner, hehe~ (And of course, all smooching pictures are included in the PDF!)

If you're thinking of something more explicit, DCS has drawn a few naughtier pictures of the cast on their Patreon only art blog-- but for the purpose of this game, everything has been kept below a PG-13 rating. (And anything rarely even gets to that rating!)

Hope that helps clear it up!

Thank you so much! (And yay, all endings!)

Nami and I definitely both love games where you can just take some time to feel good and see some nice stuff, so we're glad to hear that's how it was for you too! <333

Aw gosh, we're both so glad to hear it! We really wanted Cici to be relatable in that way,  hehe!

Thanks so so much for playing!!!