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There is no Spanish version, sorry!

This game is quite big so it's expensive to translate, especially when it's not that popular. Maybe one day, but for now we just don't have it, sorry!

Thanks! We're glad you like it!

We're glad to hear that! Right now, the soundtrack is not available anywhere to download. Sorry!

Thanks for playing and thanks for your nice comment! :D We're glad you liked the game!

Thanks so much, we're glad you like the game! I don't think there will be a part 2, but Issa and Mell do have cameos in Nami's Lonely Wolf Treat series of games, check 'em out!

Thank you!

We actually just finished an official Spanish translation! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for playing! The last, more secretive ending, simply requires you get all 22 endings and then visit the festival one last time. The game should then play the final ending for you there. Good luck!

(Otherwise I would suggest buying the endings guide for this game, it's only $2)

Thanks! We're glad you like it!

Thank you so much! Yes, this game would have been a lot harder to work on if there wasn't two of us -- what I think we're both amazed by is that we busted this game out in just 3 months! Wild!

Thanks so much! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much! Sorry this reply is so late-- we'd love to see that fanart but the link seems to be missing, oh no!

Thanks so much! We're super glad you liked the game-- and I hope it stopped raining for ya! ;)

We do have merch of our games, but more so our solo games-- and making a hoodie like Issa's is actually a lot more work than you'd think it would be! We would need a huge budget that a free game like this just doesn't provide, but we're honored you like the design enough to consider purchasing it.

Nami doesn't have an online shop currently outside of her Redbubble, but I (DCS)have a shop right here. Have an awesome day!

Glad you like the game! Good luck with that last ending~ I've a feeling I know which one it is ;) 

And glad to hear about your favs as well! We both can't decide who we like best, even after all this time. All of the girls are SO GREAT!

thank YOU for playing it!

glad to hear the game moved you! <3 thanks for playing!

glad to hear you think so~

Thanks, and thanks for the video!

THANK YOU! We're both glad to hear you liked it!

Thanks so much! Nuanced writing is Nami's specialty and it was a pleasure for me to try and draw art that fit the unique mood for this game-- so we're both glad to hear you enjoyed it! <3

Thanks, and thanks for the video!

Thanks a ton for playing our game and we're both super glad you enjoyed it-- and it's awesome to hear you got the True Ending!

Unfortunately though; I think you may have misinterpreted said ending-- as our two main characters DO end up in a romantic relationship, especially during the True Ending.

We hope this won't affect your feelings on the game; but I felt it was necessary to clarify this-- as not all romance needs to have grand gestures to be classified as romance. 

Thank you! We're very pleased with how much love Maka has gotten-- we honestly expected her to be the underdog!

AWESOME! Thanks for doing these!

THANKS!!! We're glad you like it and we are always surprised by Maka's popularity! We really thought she was gonna be the underdog but then BOOM!!! So much Maka love!

Thanks a ton! The True Ending was very satisfying to work on-- thanks for sharing your LP!

Thanks a ton! We're both really glad to hear you liked the game! Angie's route seems to be pretty popular down here in the comments; it's fun to see who everyone likes! <3

Thanks so much! We're really glad you liked the game and thanks for your support! Angie is one of our favorites as well! <333

It's not something you install! With a .rar file, you "unzip" the file and then click on the game icon and viola!

If you're having trouble unzipping the .rar or anything like that; I suggest googling your problem as unfortunately I don't have enough details or knowledge to help you.

Or, if all else fails, look up someone's LP on Youtube! There's plenty around. :D

Good luck!

AWESOME! Which one was your favorite?

thank you!

Hi there! First of all, thanks a ton for checking out our game-- we're both glad to hear you're enjoying it so far!

Fanfic is definitely okay and encouraged!

All we ask is that you maybe link to the game and send us a link so we can read it! :D We love getting fan stuff-- and it really helps to spread the game more; so while I know you wish you could donate, a fanfic helps support us too!

So thank you! <3

Hey, thanks a ton for playing our game-- we're happy to hear you liked it!

Both Nami and I are on the ace spectrum so it only felt natural to include Mell speaking about it-- so we're glad to hear you resonated with that. In terms of other games with ace characters in them-- Nami makes a TON of games with ace characters in them, so I really recommend checking them out if you liked this game!

We'd love to see any fanart you make~ Feel free to show if off here in the comments or link it to us! THANKS AGAIN! <3<3<3


The game is completely and absolutely free! The only thing that's "paid for" are optional art books-- but otherwise the full game, with everything in it-- is free, so check it out!

We're so glad to hear that-- congrats on getting all the endings, and thanks a ton for playing~ <3

Oh gosh, we're so glad to hear that and we LOVE your fanart! Thank you for sharing it with us! <3

Sorry we didn't see this reply until now-- any translation you want to do is A-OK and we would LOVE to share any translation you do as well-- with credit going to you of course!

If you'd like to do this; please send an e-mail to and we will get you hooked up with the files you need to start translating!

Hey! We're glad you liked the game!

I'm not sure what requests for translations entails exactly? Neither of us have the money to pay for translations at the moment-- our Korean translation was done by a friend/fan who was kind enough to do it for us and we're very open to having other people translate our games as well!

Let me know what you mean exactly and I can give you a better reply!

Thanks for playing!