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I didn't get Zane's good ending...and I was maxed out on the management and trust stats so I'm not sure what I need to do? My other stats were kept low.

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Raise his affection by making the correct choices (these can be found in the guide linked above). If you have Tyler as Emma's boyfriend then you'll need to either use the affectionate trait or have Social above 150 by his getaway as well.

Raising Trust stops you from dying. Raising Management will only change the ending if affection is high enough.

If you did meet all the requirements then maybe you made the wrong choice at the end - don't choose to leave him.

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I was on 300  for Trust, pretty early on too, still died a horrible death. If I choose to leave the next morning I get the sunken ship ending. I think I picked the right answers but I can go back and try again. I am using the affection trait and I pick erik for emma, btw

This might be the best otome I have ever played. And Zane...I am actually really affected by his route, it is just so well written. If this was a rom com I would totally go watch it, the chemistry would be off the charts <3 You seriously have a gift. I am so determined to get his good ending, I just know it will be perfect