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Wow. Another great game of yours'

I really like the plot.  Great and original story idea. Multiple meaningful choices. A lot of endings. And even plot twist :)

Very nic intro. Amazing artstyle with nice backgrounds and very great sprites, menus, interface and CGs. Music is great, too.  

I like how great characters are. Each of them with own style, personalioty and story. They look good too.  My favourite character is Max :). She is gorgeous. I like her style and how honest, sexy and generally interesting. 

But I have few question:

 How much endings this game has? 6? 5? 10?  

Are Cece romancable, too? 

Can someone write guide how to get all of the endings? Or at least give some good hints for each of them?

I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thank you for your wonderful feedback, sorry it took us so long to get back to you.

There are 10 endings! Yes, you can romance Cece as well. Unfortunately there isn't a guide, but here are some hints to get on her route:

SPOILER ALERT (choose these choices)

Say Something

Leave it be

Talk to her

Stay with Cecelia

Ask about Cecelia and Max

Thx for answer but I know to unlock Cece's route. -,- 

I meant, guide for all the endings... 

Oh, sorry! Uh... I'll get back to you on that. A couple of people have asked about the endings so I'll try and put something together when I get a chance!