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I loved playing this game, though I was slightly confused at first as to why we kept going deeper into the dungeon without facing any bosses, or finishing the game, until I read that it's a roguelike :p

I can see why the playable characters were lined up in that order, as Slasher Chicken is able to juggle enemies with it's sword, Roller Pig can roll around, even in the air, and not get hurt at all, Swarm Bug and Rat Bone both require some strategy in terms of how and when to dispatch enemies, with Rat Bone being very satisfying when his boomerang ricochets all around a room and hits everything (aside from when it travels through a wall, disappears, and magically reappears in your grasp :p), despite needing to occasionally fetch it when it goes to far, while Swarm Bug's minions can only attack from the side and below.

The music, though repetitive, really set the tone of delving through a dungeon, and the lighting aspect really made me move through each empty corridor and column cautiously, which is a good thing in a roguelike as you never know when you're going to get ambushed :p

Overall. I had a good time playing this game, and I look forward a sequel that has a story in it :)

Thank you for playing! :) I love the fact that you played with all of the characters. ^^

You're welcome, Rilem; the others who posted before me gave me the idea to experiment with all 4 of your characters :)