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Wow. This game is great. I just finished it... multiple times. And got all the 23 endings (seriously) without the Guide (seriously). OMG! I'm so happy now. :) 

Which one girl is my favourite?Well it's so fricking hard to choose ! I kind love all of them. All of them have her own story, style, passion, personality, problem and adventages. But if i'd have to really choose one, I choose Bea. 

I don't have to add that all the of many choices are meaningful and endings are very different. Plus we have all the plausible endings for any mix of choices. And I don't have to tell that artstyle is great, cute, sweet, adorable... Music it's great too.   

Oh gosh! Another awesome comment from you?! Thank you so much!

We're also super glad to hear you liked Mermaid Splash! :D This game was a LOT of work for us so we are always super flattered when people go for all of the endings! It really makes all the work feel worth it...

Bea is a popular favorite and honestly-- probably ours too!? She's just so much fun and so FEISTY and into what she's into, ya know?!

Thanks again for your awesome comment and we hope you'll stick around for when we release more games! (We don't know which one will be our next one yet though!)

You are welcome! I'm glad you replied :) .Writing (good) comments is speciality xD . I'm waiting for next games :)

How did you manage to get all the endings?? I've been trying for a couple hours now but I can't seem to get the last two :'v It seems like, no matter what I try to do, I always get the endings I already had

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it took me a lot of time too. but I don't know which endings you arleady have.

 the last one ending unlocks when you get rest of them.

Don’t know if you could help me maybe? I’ve got all the romance and friendships, the squad, the dreamer, the hikimori(?), the one where you focus on all of the passions, and I have all of the things filled with all the characters, self, friendship and passion encounters. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now?


mermaid and her pet also have their own endings.  i'd say more but i don't remember details.