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Hey, Northern Frog!

I'm currently testing out my game in a exe file that was made in Enigma Virtual Box.

You're script is the first and hopefully the last that showed a problem.

When the player saves at a save-station the save doesn't work.

when switching maps the autosave also states : Autosave failed...

I think it might be due to admin rights and all that in my own system but I'm not sure.

I've placed the exe on different locations including my C. 

but still no luck...

Do you have any idea why I cannot save when I exported my game into an exe file?

When test playing it with the rpg maker mv engine itself it works just fine.

any thoughts?

Tank you in advance!



I know nothing about Enigma Virtual Box and what it actually does  to the game files... But what I can tell is that my plugin have been tested several times on deployed MV projects, both on PC and Mac, by me and many other users. And of course, saving game usually works (that's kind of the main feature of the plugin).

Beside, it's hard for me to tell what exactly happen here, cause even though my plugin heavily change the save scene and its behavior, when it come to actually save the game data, it use the default save methods of the core script...

What you could do first is providing a little more details about the 'bug', like you said save doesn't work; does the game crash on saving? Or it does like it is saving (playing the save sound and all), but doesn't change the save slot? Or it play the 'buzzer' sound when trying to save?

Also, you might want to try to delete my plugin from your project, deploy your project and turn it into .exe file with Virtual Box, and see if you can save a game file from the default scene.

I would like to help, but I'm kind of clueless right now...



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I just made an installer with Astrum Instalwizard. installed my game. Still same problem percists... Because my initial thought was because Enigma makes the whole game directory into one exe file. So now with the Instal wizard I have an instal directory on my sytem where the save file could go to.

The moment u click on the save button the popup comes up save now yes or no. when clicking yes the button sounds like a cancel and it doesnt save either... the other windows go away but the confirm button stays up.

It's weird that everything works fine in the playtest but not like this.  As I intend to release the game this crucial step has to work^^

I just did what you said: instal the game without your save plugin and the problem is still there...

Apologies for assuming the fault was with your script. 

AND now I just tried running the game as administator and I can save! lol

Glad to here that. I look forward seeing your game ;)


I will probably first release a demo or intro before releasing the full game (on Steam). A story based game with atmospheric drama set in space : Beyond/Behind Gravity (Title is not set in stone yet)