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I wasn't sure it was just post game unfinished content but I've had some problems with 'the early years' batch of levels. I'm playing on windows, in level one, nothing loads in, just the background, no nodes or UI, and in level six I can't get past one loop, the connections between nodes disappear, and the progress on nodes doesn't advance. Love the game, thank you for all your work!

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Uh oh! Yeah that sounds like something isn't loading or setup correctly. Those levels are copies of the original gamejam levels, so yes it's bonus content, but should work fine.

When you have a moment, can you send me the player.log & player-prev.log files to

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\BigHandInSky\ForgetfulLoop\Player.log
macOS: ~/Library/Logs/BigHandInSky\ForgetfulLoop/Player.log
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/BigHandInSky\ForgetfulLoop/Player.log

Otherwise, try closing the app, launching it & try playing one of the levels again? Could be some game state that isn't being cleaned up.

(Edit: and thanks for the kind words 😁, sorry you ran into this bug)

Sent! On refresh I got a few more loops out of level 6 but it still broke and no change for level 1. Again thank you for your time and for the game!

Gotcha. Will look at the logs over the weekend.

With level 1, it's intended that the first few loops are "empty", as back in the Gamejam I used the popups to do some dialogue with. Just to clarify - level 1 just plain doesn't ever show nodes after a couple loops? or anything?

Oh - and which platform are you playing on btw? As I only have the ability to test Windows builds I'm afraid.