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Sent! On refresh I got a few more loops out of level 6 but it still broke and no change for level 1. Again thank you for your time and for the game!

I wasn't sure it was just post game unfinished content but I've had some problems with 'the early years' batch of levels. I'm playing on windows, in level one, nothing loads in, just the background, no nodes or UI, and in level six I can't get past one loop, the connections between nodes disappear, and the progress on nodes doesn't advance. Love the game, thank you for all your work!

So I tried to look this up but unfortunately I don't understand computers very well and I have some extra details. I got the "failed to load corrupted : (" message on my save were I have completed the a, b, and c sides, all the regular strawberries and one golden strawberry and working on chapter 9 on assist mode. I got Celeste through itch but play it with a steam shortcut to use a ps4 controller, there is data in all three saves, the middle one being the one corrupted. If anyone could offer any assistance I would be be very grateful

this is so soothing I love it! like playful mediation