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Fantastic, I have a real soft spot for this style of text based magic.  Also I relish the period piece element, I really felt embodied. Ace roleplaying horse game. Is that a real race? Please tell me.

Anyway Thanks for Jamming! 

Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you liked it so much! I'm planning on fleshing it out a bit more in my free time. And thank YOU for hosting the game jam in the first place!

The game is based on two big horse races kind of merged together. The first is from a book called “American Endurance” by Richard Serrano - among other things, it’s about nine cowboys racing across a thousand miles of 1893 American Prairie to be the first to arrive at the Chicago World’s Fair, to win a Golden Revolver offered by Buffalo Bill Cody. It’s a great read! There was also a race in 1976 that is closer to The Golden Run, where 200 racers went from New York to Sacramento. I haven’t found a book on that race, but you can read about it here: