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Email me at to talk pizza delivery!

Eat Food community · Created a new topic Congratulations!

Email me at to talk pizza delivery!

all dietary/religious needs will be met.

of course!

If you win (and good luck to you) one pizza will be sent to an address of your choice anywhere in the world on a date that suits!

I regret every choice ive ever made that led to me not hearing about this fantastic idea in time. 

Please please do it again and message me about it!

amazing! (I think it'll help massively!)

Good luck.  really nice work.

Yo I got a message confused about it, feel free to add lil description instructions! I think it might benefit it lots. (However I loved it, it's glorious)

it's on the main page! 

"Use the title of one of these games on this list to inspire your game. Ignore what the actual game is about. Base it entirely on the name!"

The name of your game must be the same as the game chosen, but you can add a subtitle. 

I'll allow it, but do try and make them if you think you can. Enjoy the jam

Yes people can use unity store assets etc but just don't go overboard!

if anyone needs any suggestions on theme let me know!

I grant Turtle power upon you and your family.

Have fun and stretch your creative legs!

One location, one pizza!

It would be my pleasure. All you have to do is make a lovely game.

Congratulations! Send me your address, you ding dong!

Holy crap what a suprise! That was an immaculately crafted 3d puzzle platformer. A beautiful balance of witness style self discovery with super mario galaxy type challenges! Loved it. 

Please keep making puzzle games! Thanks for Jamming.

The next Pizza Jam is July 27th, enter if you can!

Enchanting little game. I love the enironment style and chromatic abberation. Lovely work!

(Also maybe mention you have to download love2d to play your file!)

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next on on July 27th if you're able to!

I got that pawn boy home! Good interweaving of story and puzzle mechanic. I found myself getting rather competitive with this one. The power of a catchy track and simple idea well executed. Nice work.

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next one in July if you can!

Really very polished style going on here. From the menus to the characters. All round excellent aesthetic work. Onward!

ALSO This definitely wins the prize-less award for BEST LITTLE GHOST FACES!

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next one in July if you can!

Ooo yes please. 

I was drawn in by the style and laid back swagger of this before I even figure out the mechanic. Just oozes chill vibes from every orifice. I played for a foolishly long time.

This game wins the prize-less award for BEST CURSOR ICON! He is so god damn charming. I want him in my life somehow.

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next one in July if you can!

Hot damn, I kept trying just knowing that eventually I would get it out of sheer gambling luck! This was definitely the game that reminded me that simple memory games are actually still very addictive. Also I was into those card charming sprite designs. 

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next one in July if you can!

Niiiice song. I actually really enjoyed navigating the menu. Plus I have very fond feelings for large floating 3d words and low poly models.

This definitely wins the prize-less award for BEST LOW POLY COMPUTER!

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next one in July if you can!

Lovely unified style! Starting each location with a cutscene of the cap man getting away really made him very tantalizing. I really wanted to catch that past version of me. Nice work. 

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next one in July if you can!

Great take on the theme, this is the only game that is about immediate shor term memory recall. Great thought-out mechanics going on here. The flares and mines are really well introduced and add so much to the mix. All around a fun business . One of the great designs of the Jam. 

(This'd be a great phone game)

Thanks for Jamming! Do enter the next one in July!

Good use of bitsy two-frame-animations! Nice colour palette and some ace little character designs in here. It made me want to make a glitched adventure with lots of speaking characters. Nice work.

Thanks for Jamming! If you are free the next one's in July

Delightfully atmospheric. I love that you get a chance to be in the maze alone for at the start, really highlights how nice it is to be surrounded by ambient benevolent ghosts. Classic music. Altogether really cohesive! Nice work. 

Thanks for Jamming! Enter the next one!

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That actually kind of adds to the feel. Makes it feel like my computer has crashed. In a good way. Enjoy

Good man

Your game is amazing but not on theme.. can you send me some evidence that you made it within the jam time? I would accept dated messages etc.

Alrighty send me a link to the game.

The submission period has ended, so there is nothing I can do there.  but I'll enter it in for the judges prize!

I can't add it to the roster, but if you link it to me it's still eligible for the judges prize!

if you do it before tomorrow!

It will be all toppings. Even the base will be toppings.

If its on theme I'll allow it!

What a lovely idea. Of course.

standard rules, chief. Make it based on the theme. All engines! Any team size! Make everything within the Jam time! (Except fonts and the usual, but you'll definitely get points for making your own everything!) 

Any more questions email me