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Hilarious, a real masterclass in building up clear expectations with simple assets then subverting them

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The art design and writing make for such a rich world, it feels like theres nothing im not seeing. I could spend hours moving wooden figurines across a burlap map with cardboard buildings. So delighted to have stumbled upon this gem ✨

Thanks Mr. Cian ❤️

Aw thanks Phil! 

Seeing it inspired me to finally download a font making software 🙏 hopefully i can stop expressing myself in fonts that feel 'just a bit wrong'

Ah I never commented on this:  Great game, i wish there were some easier levels to start off with as I am verry bad at snake, but the idea is so tight ✨ Love that all the snakes do different things and how chill thr frog is. Thanks for Jamming!

Well this is just fabulous. I love this kind of game where it never settles into a 'gameplay loop' (or where the gameplay loop is introducing new ideas and mechanics, then subverting them). Lots of inspiring UI here ✨

Congratulations on winning the Pizza Jam! Email me at and we can work out a date that suits for delivery ✨

Ooo that was really enjoyable! Some really unforgiving platforming but the high-energy music made me keep trying again and again til i made it through. Nice graphics too, thanks for Jamming!

Very nice of you to make an english version as well 🙏 I found this very relaxing  (except when i got killed by woody from toy story). Good use of the theme, thanks for jamming!

Such an awesome jam entry. The mechanic of collecting your bullets like they are arrows is genius. The music and clean aesthetic made it feel really cohesive. Really nice work, thanks for jamming.

The energy of the whole game is awesome, the music and graphics work really nicely together.  Really enjoyed this entry, thanks for Jamming!

Great to see an entry with voice acting! I really enjoyed the combination of story with puzzles and first person shooting. A very ambitious project (and were you a solo dev?). Thanks for Jamming!

Incredible use of the theme! Such lovely character designs and dialogue ✨ I found the whole thing really inspiring. Great entry, thanks for Jamming!

Hot dog there is so much i love about this! The gameplay was super hard as i have zero-rhythm but i persevered to earn the respect of my father's silhouette. Great writing, band poses and cover of 'Bye bye bye'. This fully delighted me, thanks for Jamming!

Adorable bunny art and a great use of the theme. Very cool to see this kind of teamwork in an entry, great work, thanks for jamming!

The style and music worked really well for this kind of chaotic physics brawler. Love all the visual effects like the sword blurs and the sparks when you hit an orc, you worked really well as a team. Nice entry, thanks for Jamming!

I was immediately overwhelmed with enemies but the pixel art animation and the motion-blurs on the sword swings are really nice 👌Thanks for Jamming!

Finally a sports game that tries to be too faithful to the orignal sport! I feel like it would have been perfect if my screen set-up was 6 monitors stacked vertically, seems like you built out all the systems of a robust curling game here. Nice job, thanks for Jamming ✨

Great use of the theme! Drowning in videogames always really spooks me, but i persevered 💪I also love that you used that air-bubble refil mechanic from Sonic. Fun bullet hell diving game, thanks for Jamming!

I just discovered your comics and am finding them really inspiring✨ Can you tell me what font you use ?  -It feels like the font i think in

This is really excellent! Love the multiple mechanics and jaded consumerism angle. Delighted to stumbled in here, you commented on one of my games 6 years ago and i just saw it. Thanks for the inspiration ✨ 

Awesome use of theme(s)! Love the whole aesthetic and im always excited to see a puzzle-game entry. Having to sacrifice an ability to open gates is dope 👌 (though having no idea what might come ahead + the short time window means theres no chance you could do it first time 🫠) Great entry, thanks for Jamming!

Great use of the theme ✨ I loved all the poetic repetition and curt sentences. Having the opening cutscene start on the main menu is very baller too, great job all round. Thanks for Jamming!

Really enjoyed platforming around the sprawling dungeon, fighting against the incredibly strong gravity. The ending was fab, especially the skeleton animations. Thanks for Jamming!

I enjoyed coming up with a strategy to navigate the very small area, bouncing between floor and ceiling and the screenwrap reminded me of VVVVV.  I definitely played for longer because i liked the main guy's cheeky face. Nice work, thanks for Jamming!

Nice use of the theme and very clear tutorial that introduced each aspect one-at-a-time. My favourite part was the idea of my friend just driving around in his blue car as i triggered earquakes. Thanks for jamming

Very adorable saluting cover image dog and great choice of music. Nice work, thanks for jamming

Nice use of the theme, and one of the few puzzle games this jam. I struggled to get the wall-walking to work but i always love 'pushing rocks onto switches to open doors', thanks for Jamming!

Great png of a green polygon man. Hope you had fun jamming 

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Love the papery style and the idea of swapping out obstacles when the other side of the planet is out of view. Great use of the theme, thanks for jamming!

Clever band management game, the UI was clear and easy to use and I like the use of real locations for gig venues. Thanks for jamming!

Nice job, I enjoyed fumbling around that pitch and I love the cute little guy holding me back. Thanks for Jammin!

Holy moly there's a lot going on here. Really fluid animations and feedback. The feel of jamming a USB upgrade into your punching arm feels really satisfying. And 'full auto' for punching is a genius idea for a powerup. Amazing work, thanks for Jamming!

Really nice game boy style, I always get excited when i see an overworld map. I really like how the music changes between sections. Great job thanks for jamming!

Reallly nice music and a perfect use of the theme. I especially like the alien clapping and the particular way the announcer says 'four in a row!' Thanks for Jamming!

Trying to get my mind to move in the opposite direction was a fun challenge. Really liked the music and aethetics, thanks for Jamming!

Also this is easily my favourite Aladdin tie-in game.

That Z-depth aspect is wild, I had 3000 points before i figured out what the minimap was for! Was the song made for the game or did you find it? It really added to the experience of being a cheeky monkey surfing around and annoying arab guards. Thanks for Jamming!

I have just played the build, what an eye for style! That intro cutscene and the Alien card-showing animation are pure magic. I love the sense of discovery from exploring an inscrutable system by trial and error. Thanks for Jamming, you really should continue expanding it further!