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Only things I could say, is that for the windows variant you should put a way to quit the game. That and it would be nice if you also allowed use of the WASD keys.

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Thanks for the feedback. I though that the standard ALT+F4 and the X button in the top right corner was enough to exit the game. Do you have any specific suggestion for an additional exit method? I'll take note and implement it with the WASD and other additional improvements and fixes once the voting ends to don't break the rules.

well for me the game started in fullscreen so i didn't have that x. as for the alt+f4 it didn't work for me, however my keyboard has been acting buggy. For exiting the game, a simple menu with a quit game function would, work. However I'm not too famiiluar with the engine you're using. Sense it looks alot like a bigger games mini game. what ever you commonly think of for an action key would do well as an exit button. say press F to exit. there should be a line you can use in most engines code for an exitapplication function. That's what I'd suggest.

Ok, I'll take note. Thanks x the feedback