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Very funny, wish the narrator acknowledged if you listen to his whole speech though. Your narrator, sounds very similar to Jessie Cox.

Haha glad you enjoyed it! Actually the Narrator DOES acknowledge you sitting through his speech HOWEVER I did not have time to finish all the subtitles for his speech just the audio. Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

yes he does, but once you move on he still shouts at you for not listening to him, that or I missed something. I did get that first bit at the intro though. and it was hilarious.

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Correct we are working on an update and we’ll fix that. Thank You for noticing this!

Oh something that I kinda wished you guys had done, was if you tried to open the front door the narrator would say something, or atleast something of some flavor would have been done for that, as my first thought was "Nice speech narrator dude, I'm leaving now" and I went to the front door, and nothing, a little disappointing. but acceptable considering the constraints of a game jam.

Great idea! We’ll see if we can get the VA to do a bit more lines!