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Couple nit pick things. Such as the game starts before i'm ready and, I didn't get to hear atleast 4 lines of narration. I know it's not that big of a deal because it's all chit chat but, still... There is also no option to change resolution or, settings on any menu. Plus I was a little lost with out any clear direction of a goal.  The game has a good concept i'm not bashing it just felt rushed out the gate with what I had to do!

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, you are right! We didn't have time to make a menu. I am sorry, that you got stuck! You had to walk through the fire to travel in the next world (You've probably only seen about 20% of the game yet, the main part isn't in the screenshots to not spoil the player).

Hi Game Designer here! I updated the description from your feedback. Thank you for trying out our game! If you do have any interest I would implore you to boot the game up again, and walk through the fire. (What happens is a just a little surprising ;)