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Having a Right-click marker for known mines would be nice. Also, the Win and Lose text needs something behind it, so it's legible.

I've clicked on the items in the store, but I'm not sure how to buy them. It's also not clear when money is earned. Is it only after clearing a minefield?

This definitely has potential to be a great successor to Minesweeper, but there's a few minor things that are holding it back, ATM. Fix those, and that'll greatly improve the overall experience.

Hey Eric! Thanks for the comments!! :). Sorry for not being so clear in the game. I'll explain it here!

1. Buying items: When you've clicked on the items, there is a pop-up. On the right of it is a small button (looks like a shopping bag). Click it! :)

2. When money is earned: Money is only accessible when you've done clearing all spaces (30 mines)!

This is due to lack of space. Thanks for commenting! I'll try my best to make it better!! :)