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i dont have any experience in sorry :( i tried web assembly debug (f12) and that is all I saw. hope this helps 

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Yeah, the p5 does act weird sometimes. i used vs code for this game but then vs code started to have problems as well and when I used another p5 account, I just work 😅 its just weird. Is it your GMTK submission? I checked, and I think its something about the "world" variable or something... like did you define it yet?

Im not so good at p5 but ill try my best :) What seems to be the problem?

What characters should I add next??? :)

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Yup! :)

Also, what is a 'ttf tag' :)

Oh! :) Sorry, theres no license, you can just download it straight away! :)

Already done it :)

Hey! Just letting you know that youve won this month's jam!! :) I announced this on twitter and discord but then realize u may not follow me, so... :)

Also, the winner gets a 'Past winner' tag if they are in the discord server, Im just wondering what your discord username is 😅 Thanks and congrats!!

Hey there! :)

the game over here is all dark ._. And also, this seems like js but does not really have anything to do with p5js i suppose? so clarify please! (dm me if you want to)

ps: so no lights to turn off lolllll :)

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I suppose this is not written in p5js (or any processing-based languages)? clarify please (dm me if u want to). If not, this will result in a disqualification.

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Hey there! :) Youre the soonest to upload a game! :)

Just saying that you should (totally up to you) compress it up rather than uploading multiple files :)! This way, it'll be easier for others to download it...

Anyway, thanks for participating!

Credit is fine :)

hmmmm it seems its still working 😅

this is just a small project i host for the p5js community and those who are new to p5js to try so no mony unfortunately! :) There is much more to experience than money tho, so give it a shot! :)

yoooooo :)

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hmmm I did everything correctly, but the whole screen is just black and everything lags :_) Everyone seems fine so i guess its my computer :)

also "sth" is something :)

I cant play it somehow @@ it seems like sth is not loading :(

The majority of the code is still p5js right? :) if so, its OKAY! still, id recommend p5js :)

My pb!! :) take that petenotpete!!

Can anyone surpass me? 😉

No one has ever done this 😉 This is probably the hardest advancement in the game! If you did it, comment down!! :)

Im building a leaderboard so if you have a score that you believe deserves a spot, post that certification!! :)

Thats GREAT for a first try!!! :)

Hey there! :)

Unfortunately you only came in 2nd (i know it sounds good but well :v) but don't worry! You get it next time!!! :)

Thanks so much for participating!

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Congrats on winning the p5.js Game Jam #1!! :)

Your name will be added to my profile + tagged as a "past winner" in the discord group for the jam!

Thanks so much for participating :D Have a great day

ps: have u joined the discord group? :)

Here, you can ask anything, or I will announce news (though I recommend using the discord group!)

But remember! the! rules!

Here, you can ask anything, or I will announce news (though I recommend using the discord group!)

But remember. the. rules!

SUCH a nice game!!! :) It has a catchy tune, it feels realistic, graphics are just *chef's kiss* :) just a little short and also something about the itch page that disturb me quite a bit: the text are a little hard to read :) i think it should be pink-ish so it is brighter but except for that this has the potential to be a game everybody loves :D

I loved this game! Graphics, sounds, arts are amazing!! The concept is also interesting!! The level design is out of question!! :) well, it is quite hard for stoooopid ppl like me who spend a few minutes to get used to the controls ~~

:) jk, love the game!

A small update!!! :)

The game is updated with wasd controls, fixed some bugs with border, fixed some bugs with the enemy, full screen button added (should have done that a long time ago :D) and that is it! I almost totally forgot about this and now i have some free time so why not update it :)

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For this font, I had to Put a lot of effort making Over 350 characters from dozens of languages, spanning from FrenchSpanish all the way to FilipinoVietnamese... so I spend 4 hours in total throughout the span of 4 days :) And now, I proudly present to you, smolextended by DQG! TADAAAAAAaa :)

This font is not free but If you have paid for this font then you don't have to add the source, it is ENTIRELY optional! :) Anyways, THANK you very very very much for spending your precious time just reading this! :D Have a great day :]

   - DQG

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COMMENT YOUR GAMES MADE WITH "smol" down here :)

thanks :)

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HELLOOOOO!! Thanks for checking this out! This is just a small project i created out of boredom :D and also i want to try making a font myself using a tool that is relatively new to me. It took me about 3 hrs in total AND it was really fun actually and i loved it! So just knowing you are reading this makes me so happy!!!! If you have downloaded this font to make games then you dont have to add the source, it is totally optional! (Though it would be cool of you to have one :) ). You can comment your games here and i will Add them into the "games made with smol" section!

Thanks again!! :]

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This wont be done yet. This game will be improve over time as this is not worth being a "V2". And also, if you ANY suggestions that sounds cool, you should reply to this comment, describe the feature and also write your name (optional, should if your itchio name isnt your real name but it depends on you!), so if it gets into the game, you will definitely be a part of it! :D