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Dude! Finally i have implemented the graphics in :D I tried pooling it and it worked SMOOTHHH XD

The new version is on now with much more than just graphics :> Hope u have a great day :)

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Yooooo so cool :))

The graphics, the sound effects and the music is GREAT. Great concept, if this is not too much like zelda then this definitely has the potential XD. But the character acceleration a bit slow.

PS: I dont know why i dont die lol probably a glitch:

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:0 I almost forgot! Im studying online but gotta take a look lol :)

Update after playing: Looks AWESOME :)) Love the character but a bit slow and doesnt jump at the right time :D Would be great if you add some sound and a way to go back to menu! :)) I was playing halfway when my teacher called me and press P, escape... like crazy then I had to alt f4 :))) GREAT game tho :D

P.S: Lesson learned: NEVER EVER play games while learning XD

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I had an idea ALMOST the same as yours but had an important exam so I left the jam :( Welp, good luck with your game! Im excited to see it :))

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Hey there!! :) I published an upgraded version of this game! :0 It have a lot more features than this version!

-> Link:

Thanks! :)

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Thank YOU so much for trying the game! :)

If you're wondering, yes, there are Easter eggs!! :0 How many? Im not going to tell you :))

I've tried to "kill" (lol) all the bugs but there can still be more, so if something bugs out, please report it to me thru this comment! :)

Thanks, DQG

THANKS!!! :))

Yeah, I saw the green flag and the red button so I thought it gotta be scratch :P

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A bit too fast and quite hard but fun!! I think 9/10!! :))

COOLLL!! Was it actually made in scratch?? :V I tried coding with scratch once and the game was HORRIBLE :)) great game tho!

Cooolll game!! Love it!! :)

Thanks for seeing the game!! If you have any bugs or issues, just tell me!! :))

Have a great idea?? Comment down!! :)

Bugs/issues?? Comment down!! :))

(Please no swear words, thanks!)

Thanks!! :))

Thanks! I decided it was best to be shapes and colors because it is better for the computer to run 5000 random shapes than 5000 graphics! Thanks for the comment though!! :)

:)) Thanks!

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Really?? Wow! My PB is like 1:34 i think :L

You beat me!! Damn. But CONGRATS!! :))

Sorry for the late respond, itch didnt notify me :(

Yes!! :) (Sorry for the late respond)

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If you have any good ideas, recommend it to me and it might be added!! :)

Bugs?? There are tons of them! Comment anything you found here and it will be fixed right away!!! :D

If you think the webpage makes your eyes go BRRRRR then tell me too lol :)

Anyway, thanks for checking out my project. It definitely needs a lot of things so it won't be this boring :)

YoOoOoOoO!!! :)) This is cool!! Love it!! Very nice puzzle game with all the maps, the music and of course, the texture! 10/10!


It is also very detailed! I like the art, the plot.... too much to list :)), can you please create a default collection called "my favorites" so I can add this in??? 😃

You made them 1 by 1?? ARe YuO EvEn HuMaN?? :))

P.S: thanks 4 the soundtrack!!!! :D

This is SO good for just $2.99, the game mechanics, the maps and how its difficulty ACTUALLY go up (not like normal puzzles :P). The music is EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD!! :)) It is SOOOOOOO good, it makes me want to just listen to it all day!! :) If I were a streamer, I'd definitely play this all day!!!! :)


P.S: How the f- did you manage to create 500 levels!?? :0

okey :)

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This is cool!!! LOVE it!! It is a bit hard though :P

(Or im just too bad)

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YOOO!! This is SOOO COOL!! I love the game!  The graphics, the sound design, the characters' look.... wow!!

P.S: I bump into walls and it makes these funny sounds and the screens just starts shaking lol :)) So sometimes I just keep pressing the button and it goes like BRRRRRR :))

P.P.S: Isn't that PICO-8 you're using?? My friends like to code with them too! Not me though... I prefer ProcessJS :P

Holy .... cow!! This is the definition of jump scare :))

The game is great, the visuals is realistic (af :P), the controls are a bit hard to control but it actually makes it funnier AND scarier 

Oh!!! It's working!! :)

Bruh, why am I so terrible at this?? :))

plz dont tell anyone I peed my pants :_)

JK, the game is great! Love the art, the simplicity but you know what....

i think you should really look behind you...

help im trapped in the loading screen :)

I'm literally in a dark room right now.... this is so freaking creepy.

I love the game design, how the guy moves the mouse with you, clicks with you and...

Actually... you, the reader...

there is no one behind you...

Thanks for coming!! Plz comment ANY bugs that you've found! I hope y'all have a great day!! (and keep this comment section safe 4 everyone!)

 - DQG


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YEP! Thats me! :)

I saw your programs on Hotlist!


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LMAO :))      No need to thank me!! Your games are too under-rated!! I think that so many people are judging this "book" by its cover but NEVER know what it has! :)

Just keep up the great work!! There will be people who are addicted to your content... like me :P

I hate this game!! :((

It made me addictive :))

Lol, great game!! LOVEEEE it!!!

LOL joined together :)

Love the game!! The music sounds very... community :))