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Yes, would be happy to join your team for the jam. Discord is SuperHyperHedgey#6719

I am coder and my friend from Paris is musician, we need only graphic artist. please send me your assets on:

I don't have assets to use pre-built for this. I'm looking to make new creations for this project.

can you make such assets ? --> SNES - Romancing SaGa 2 (JPN) - The Spriters Resource (

you must not do so much, but with this assets we can make a very good exploration game

Yes, so you want pixel art correct?

So you want to do this in a jrpg fantasy setting. How many people should I make for the party and what classes: swordsman, wizard, bard, archer, etc?

Want kind of place do you want it to be set in(grassland, castle, forest, etc.)?

Any npcs or enemies I should make?

Thank you,

make some characters we can use. and some monsters. make tiles for a village and for a dungeon

I'm on it. I'll get to work on it asap.  

Where can I send you a file for the spritesheet?