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Devlog #6 >->

So I'm sure you're all wondering whoa what happened??? And like school happened along with other important things I had to do first thus delaying fixing stuff in this game.

This is all because I wanted to be all like " I wanna make a game where you walk around and talk to people and it's all chill BUT theres little mini games you can do!" And I mean this stuff I wanna do just to experiment with certain things and learn new things I can program in unity.

It's pretty unfortunate I didn't make it by the deadline and I'm p sure I'm going to submit this almost  whole month late!!! There's a bigger project I'm working on and I'm preparing something special for the said big project and that's kinda why I've been so slow with this because it was meant to be a small easy side project. 
Furthermore some of these gosh darn bugs I was NOT expecting like the animator was bugging out like crazy :C 

Next week though I have off from school again so this will either be completed next week or the week after and I'm betting on the week after because I have to prep for a convention at my school. So expect more news before February ends!

Until next time here's a screenshot of the game again because the gif screen recorder was lagging.