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The reason I think people have a problem, is you've presented this as a full game, that is being purchased as part of a charity bundle.

The title and the blurb says:

The Hayseed Knight
A fully voice-acted VN about a buck failing to become a knight!

As presented in the bundle, you're gettting the game. A  full game. Then you click to download, and it's just the demo.

Then you go to the game page and says "Oh yeah, it's just the demo, go here to buy the actual game. It's fine, this demo was free anyway!"

I'm just not going to bother playing it, but I figured being you don't seem to understand why people would be irritated at the false advertising, I figured I'd leave the comment explaining that.

Now, if it said "The Hayseed Knight Demo" I doubt there'd be any problem.


Hey Ovion! Thank you for taking the time to kindly explain your thoughts in detail.

As I've pointed out in another comment, this is where The Hayseed Knight started, was exclusive to for 3 years as I worked on every version, and was meant to always be offered in its entirety as a free game. That was the plan until my health started deteriorating fast last year, and I could no longer afford to keep making a free game due to both the economical costs of paying a full team of voice actors and the physical cost of developing the game.

I decided then to make a switch to steam in order to make sure the game could cost its own development so that I could continue making it in the future.

I'm currently not handling versions across two marketplaces because I'm a one person team working full time in other projects just to be able to afford my medical expenses. This IS meant to continue being its main page eventually as the description reads in the very first line of the disclaimer, however:

Just to reiterate, the itch version is a demo! The full game won't be available here for a while

In the meantime, people get over 2 hours of free, high quality content, much like any other free content out there in the Palestine Aid bundle, which I joined simply to support the cause started by devs I trusted, before it blew up and the gesture ended massively out of context.

This devlog was meant to address something different, however: even if this all wasn't the case, people have access to several thousands of games, assets and handbooks for 5$, in support of an urgent humanitarian cause. They're getting a good quality product they don't *have* to go through, same as you chose not to. I don't understand how anyone can zoom in on one project that failed to offer enough in their eyes and claim they're being swindled, somehow, instead of simply moving on.

Hope that cleared that, and that you have a wonderful day


That may be true but is no reason to get upset. It's over 1000 games for $5 so to complain about how the dev didn't properly label it as a demo is very entitled, I'm sorry. 

I saw some kind of comic pack on one of the support bundles once that seemed more like free advertising than a donation.