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Wonderful. Really creepy :3

I think a donation outside of buying the bundle would be nice, but I'm not necessarily the best person to ask about it. I'm just one person and I'm sure you got more than one other interested in your game. I know advertising can be very difficult.

Most charities get into quite a bit of trouble if they just let people do that without some sort of mandatory minimum donation and I found nothing about it on the submission rules. I should have contacted the website with my grievances and not jumped so quickly on someone. It was entirely unfair of me and I really do apologize(am canadian).

I hope you do too.

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Intent really doesn't matter here. What matters is you, and everyone else who did it, profited off of a charity.It's more the site fault really for allowing it in the first place, but that doesn't absolve you, or others, of taking advantage of a charity. That's enough reason for me to ignore any free content in these bundles.

Sorry I was more aggressive than necessary. There are more at fault than just you and I shouldn't have jumped on the first person I saw. Your post at the top of your page caught my attention and was the only reason I found out about this.

It wouldn't do anything to the bundle. It's a matter of ethics on the part of developers. Your addition added nothing and cost you nothing. All you're getting is free advertising

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You did nothing for the charity though. Your addition to the bundle is just free advertising for you as you didn't actually put up anything of value into it. You're backpacking on a charity for the advertising.

Now that you pointed it out, there is a lot of free stuff in it. Thanks for making filtering all the stuff in the BLM and palestine bundles easier