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The reason I think people have a problem, is you've presented this as a full game, that is being purchased as part of a charity bundle.

The title and the blurb says:

The Hayseed Knight
A fully voice-acted VN about a buck failing to become a knight!

As presented in the bundle, you're gettting the game. A  full game. Then you click to download, and it's just the demo.

Then you go to the game page and says "Oh yeah, it's just the demo, go here to buy the actual game. It's fine, this demo was free anyway!"

I'm just not going to bother playing it, but I figured being you don't seem to understand why people would be irritated at the false advertising, I figured I'd leave the comment explaining that.

Now, if it said "The Hayseed Knight Demo" I doubt there'd be any problem.