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This was really fun! I especially enjoyed the sound design. I could hear the movement direction and location, which added a lot to the immersion factor. I think a VR version of this would be a lot of fun! 


Damn, a VR version would be sick and I COULD do that actually, but sadly I don't wanna be spending 600 bucks on a Vive VR set atm. Hopefully one day if I get the spare money in hand I'd totally buy a VR set and go crazy with it making all sorts of VR games.


I totally agree! I'd have loved to play this in VR. Your game style is awesome Dave (I hope that's really your name hah) - if you do create some VR games, I'd love to play them. 

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Yeah, Daves my name Microwavings my game, lol. And yeah, whenever I get the funds to get a Vive VR set I'll totally start making VR games.