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I totally agree! I'd have loved to play this in VR. Your game style is awesome Dave (I hope that's really your name hah) - if you do create some VR games, I'd love to play them. 

This was such a superb let's play! I had heaps of fun creating a wee sketch with it too. - I'd love for you to see it!
As this entire game was a nightmare for me as a kid THIS IS ONE SCARED-SILLY SCOTSMAN.

Thank you for making this game! :D

Fantabulous fun! Such an intriguingly hilarious concept - even the way Mr Klepto runs is ridiculous. I love it! Happy to see many Lets Players getting on board too!

What an incredibly intriguing game! The art style is gorgeous and the game-play flows brilliantly. I truly enjoyed this small jaunt into the realm of ReTurn - One Way Trip - I hope you do too :D

Aha! What a brilliant game. I had a superb amount of fun dabbling in Sol 705 - thank you for making this! I shall certainly be continuing my Playthrough :D
Do enjoy! 

You're very welcome! 

Hmm...fortunately it's a 10m long cable so I haven't managed to snag it yet - but there's always a possibility! (I did actually impact destroy my previous monitor by catching my camera cable under the base - was such a sad day :'( ) ;-)

Aha! This was an absolutely delightful Playthrough! - Those pesky aliens are right buggers ;)
Thank you for creating this :D