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I would pay for this as is.

If you can add more features, and keep it "abstract" enough to be used for both fantasy and sci-fi, I will happily pay for the next version.

The proposed features I especially like:

  • Topography editor for manual marking (drawing) land, water, city and other types of map regions.
  • Topology editor for editing roads and channels.
  • Customisable list of wards with arbitrary names, layout settings and placement rules.
  • Automatic POI generation - taverns, shops, local temples etc.
  • Name generator for all kinds of toponyms.
  • Customisable palettes and textures.
  • Marking individual buildings with icons, labels, colours, and descriptions.
  • Marking individual wards for highlighting and overriding automatically created labels

Meanwhile, if you can spin off a project that takes manually drawn polygons (such as a building copied from this map) and fills in a procedural floor plan, that would also be amazing.

I don't know about sci-fi, but I do want to keep it abstract. The standalone generator would expose much more settings, hopefully they will be enough to create more diverse maps.