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Hi jbri, thanks for your feedback :)

You say 'export' but do you mean 'import' 3D geometry into PixelCNC to CAM in combination with an image? I can definitely add exportation of the meshes that PixelCNC generates for toolpathing, to multiple formats (i.e. OBJ and STL, for starters).

For importing 3D geometry I could render it to a depthbuffer texture and download that into PixelCNC's memory for working with as an actual depthmap. One of the big goals for down the road is to have a bit of editing functionality, a sort of studio mode where users can import multiple images, both raster/pixel and vector and create shapes and geometry to layout on their design, and then they can go ahead and create CAM operations and generate toolpaths for that. This is a v2.0 sort of feature. In the meantime I'm looking at optimizing everything and getting the operations and overall interface as solid as possible and make what PixelCNC currently has to offer more user-friendly.

Thanks again!