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First of all I want to say how much I adore this game! The music, sound effects, theme and art are what really make this game special IMO. It kept a smile on my face the entire time. The contrast between the bright colourfulness and the bloody death screen gave me a chuckle too.

Jumping on enemies and collecting their eyeballs was fun, though on one level you bounced so high up that it was difficult to see the other enemies. I also really liked the rolling up walls mechanic, gave it a unique vibe.

The controls took a little while to get used to, my main problem with them is it never feels like there's friction, you just kept sliding and sliding. If you guys are going to keep working on this post-jam, I'd recommend touching up the controls a little. Great game nevertheless :)


Thank you! We do want to make a full fledged version of gaki, and I'll for sure be giving the controls a lot of polish. Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'm so pleased you like the game :)