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HEWWO YOUS ALL! (This review gets kinda incoherent at points, sorry 'bout that)

This game is amazing!, it was totally worth all of those "mrgrgr"s I had to get through (Not that I didn't like those though). No idea why you called this "Worst Dating Sim", it doesn't stay true to that title.  I had to space playing this throughout 3 days and I wish I didn't, it's really a fun experience and would've been better in a shorter period. This game certainly helped me get through an emotonal crisis so I have thank you for releasing this game when you did.  All of the shitpost-y aspects of this game were executed perfectly in my opinion. I love the story, it really does shine, I found myself empathizing with a suprising bit of it. I thought Etsuji's shirt was a saxophone for half of the game, it took me way too long to realize it wasn't. The men have great chests, I'd sleep on any of them any time, 100% guarantee. I love the character art for this, the characters themselves are fun to get to know (and fall in love with) too.  I prefer it without a save option because it'd be less fun if I didn't have to work through all of it again. If I had to describe this game in one word it'd be: YeS

ahH thank you for taking the time to write  a review!! it makes me really happy to know so many people have enjoyed this game and helped make their day better (even without a save feature lmaO), i really never expected to get so much support for a shitpost so it makes me all blushy when i get reviews like this ghfjdnf-  but again, seriously, thank you and i'm super happy you enjoyed it!

Ah! Thanks for the reply to my review! You totally deserve all the support you’re getting though, you’ve created something amazing. If this is considered a shitpost then it’s certainly some quality shit you’re posting~