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спасибо, добро пожаловать за трещину

im glad! and thank you for following me on twitter! <3

im glad you liked it!! thank you so much for the support <3

im happy you like it, thank you!

i do think adding the name system is unique, so i think i'll leave it, i apologize! and you can press enter if it is bugging you.

thank you so much, im happy!

lol well im happy you enjoyed it regardless!

im glad!! <3

i mean.... its a homo erotic vn so idk if thats your cup of tea ahah

ehh i really don't, i'm currently working on another visual novel at the moment so it would maybe be some time after i finish that game

it's a joke

thank u so much <333

aahh thank you thank you so much!! <333

thank you so much! im happy you enjoyed it, and im happy you encouraged your friends to play it! <3

im glad you enjoyed it and thank u so much for your input ahah, i'm happy you like the qualities of this shitpost. also i wont be adding a save feature no worries ahah; also if by conversation history you mean a backlog showing previous text there is a 'history' option in the game settings, and you could scroll your mouse wheel up/down to view history, again thank u so much for the compliments it means a lot!!!

lol ahah im glad u liked it! ill see what i can do in the future!

thank you so much! im really happy you liked it and this message is so nice, i appreciate it so much ahaha

thank you so much, im glad you enjoyed it! <333

thanks for assuring others that i won't put a save feature ahah,
but the error is intentional for comedic effect lol

thank you so much ahHHHhHH that seriously means so much to me, !! im glad you liked it!! <333

ahH thank you for taking the time to write  a review!! it makes me really happy to know so many people have enjoyed this game and helped make their day better (even without a save feature lmaO), i really never expected to get so much support for a shitpost so it makes me all blushy when i get reviews like this ghfjdnf-  but again, seriously, thank you and i'm super happy you enjoyed it!

thank you so much !! im glad you think so ahh <33 😭😭

thank you so much, im glad you enjoyed it!

ahh thank you so much !! <333

im glad you enjoyed it! if i put more time into it i could make original music/backgrounds and more art/scenes but alas it still is a shitpost game ahah, thank you so much though!! <3

ahh thank you for playing ahah

ahah thank you for playing, i appreciate it. also i would expect you shitting on my dating sim since it is the worst one lol-

HEYYY NICE! this is very helpful for people that can't play/download my game thank you so much <3


im glad you liked it, thank you for playing!!

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ahhh thank you so much for playing!! and i'm glad you loved it <33 I hope you can at least get your mic fixed in the future!

LOL i love this, thank you so much for making a playthrough! i'm glad youre enjoying it so far!! also etsuji won't punch you during the talking sessions ahah

thank you so much in advance!

i dont know if this counts as a hint or a straight up answer but- there's a certain point where you have to choose "i love you"

thank you!! <333

thank you so much! also i'm not quite sure how to upload things on steam ahah, but if i find a way then i will! thanks for the suggestion!

LOL i saw omg, i totally understand punching me in the face lmao. i was going to add a checkpoint system for the game but sadly i couldnt find any tutorials on how to code that in, this is my first game ever so im no expert unfortunately ahah--

lmao thank you! i have plans to!

LOL i'm very glad you think so!! <33 thank you for playing!

there's a certain point where etsuji asks the main character somethin' important, there's two choices but you probably thought the other choice would lead to a game over (so you picked the other choice)- but it actually leads to the good end!