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Ah! Thanks for the reply to my review! You totally deserve all the support you’re getting though, you’ve created something amazing. If this is considered a shitpost then it’s certainly some quality shit you’re posting~

HEWWO YOUS ALL! (This review gets kinda incoherent at points, sorry 'bout that)

This game is amazing!, it was totally worth all of those "mrgrgr"s I had to get through (Not that I didn't like those though). No idea why you called this "Worst Dating Sim", it doesn't stay true to that title.  I had to space playing this throughout 3 days and I wish I didn't, it's really a fun experience and would've been better in a shorter period. This game certainly helped me get through an emotonal crisis so I have thank you for releasing this game when you did.  All of the shitpost-y aspects of this game were executed perfectly in my opinion. I love the story, it really does shine, I found myself empathizing with a suprising bit of it. I thought Etsuji's shirt was a saxophone for half of the game, it took me way too long to realize it wasn't. The men have great chests, I'd sleep on any of them any time, 100% guarantee. I love the character art for this, the characters themselves are fun to get to know (and fall in love with) too.  I prefer it without a save option because it'd be less fun if I didn't have to work through all of it again. If I had to describe this game in one word it'd be: YeS