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Ok. I'll answer your questions in order. (in my subjective, personal opinion) 

1. Yes. I really enjoyed it. Beautiful art style. (very nice menus and interface well done characters, good backgrounds and CGs)  Nice music. Great plot with multiple routes, multiples endings for each route,  Interesting characters with very different personalities. Wow.

2. Hell yeah! OMG! I love Cream. I love her look and style, and how loud, honest, silly, hard, brave, childish, strong,  funny and interesting person she is. She is the best. 

3. Her route is my very fouvourite.  Her route would be perfect if it'd be option to save her and MC. Tha's the real reason why I played this game and only one I was really interested in.  Her route could be longer, expanded and with "truly" happy ending. Of course I like the plot, funny dialogues and Toffee is great too ;). I don't like her + Cotton realationship. She fits perfect for Toffee in my opinion.

4.I don't like Cotton and his route (I haven't got any ending with him beacouse I always prefered Cream). His clothes are too pink and not enough "male". His personality may be interesting but not his look.  And I am that kind of person who like gxg routes the most (or rather only). Yeah, that's why I don't like Licorine too(but only a bit - he's ok). Yeah I don't like secret too.

5. If I were you, I'd improve two basic routes, especially Cream's :D or create gxg only version of this vn xD haha But seriously it's not much to improve and game is great this way.

6. Yes I would. At least as long as they have at least 1 gxg route and as interesting characters, plot and artstyle as this one :) 

7. I had no trouble with getting all the endings I got. But I know that in all the secret route's ending I could have problem without your little guide. It was really helpful :). But you could tell (in guide) that secret route is based on new male romance character for Toffee and Cotton + Cream relation before. I had no idea what I was starting unlocking it. xD Even if I would not play it beacouse of it. Really I though that secret route gonna be based on Cottons' or Creams' 2nd routes but with new plot. :)

In summary: I enjoyes this game. It's great. I love Cream and her route is nice. I don't like Cotton and L  and their routes and secret one. There not much to get ploshed in game. Great plot. I'd love to see you guys create gxg-only game :) 


I'm the artist! I'm so happy you liked Cream! She was really fun working with. I'm sorry you found Cotton's route lacking. We have in fact made an all GxG game, you can find it here:

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

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His route is not lacking. It's ok.  I just don't like him.

 You did great job as artist.

 I've played Plain, too. Thx for reply