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I have finished the game at 2 players. We will send you the bug that we have seen to help you.

- In coop mode, last item for range attack as a friendly fire

- The hearths in the shop are useless because of foutains

- some dungeon bug like that :

but thanks to save we can reset the map

- the boss are always really bad, maybe you could make boss with paterns

especially the last boss.

- Bug for the stats ?

- Also after the victory there is a game over 

Nevertheless the game is really interesting, because it's a rogue like which highlights adventure aspect. Make a World map + dungeons was a good ideas.

Sorry for my bad english, congratulation for the game, good luck for the future.


Oh hey, thanks so much for sharing all that!
We've recently been busy with new jobs etc. 

Planning to go into full development soon, and will address all the points you raised. We had limited time to get everything in the game and so some elements were unfinished such as the boss fights.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and feedback :)