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Played the hell out of it when it was downloaded. Then, after the last update, I just fired it up through itch to check.  Then played a couple more hours later, the old way. Says I've played for 3 minutes! bahahahahahaha

Just a general observation. ;) 

Great game! Only reason I look forward to the Steam release is because I use Steam all the time. Maybe I can get a whole 3 minutes through Steam too!


Maybe you can go overboard and play 5 minutes? No? Too crazy? 

Aww, man. Oh alright, I'll see if I can push it that far. bahahahaha Not like it's fun or anything. :D

Even before Steam was around, I had always wished games had 'counters' or something to track how many hours I had played of a game. Wouldn't want to even guess w/ RoI. 30-40 sounds low even.