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This doesn't come with a Steam key??? How unfortunate.

Those were all Great, chess. Now, I'm looking forward to the dev's feedback. :)

Aww, man. Oh alright, I'll see if I can push it that far. bahahahaha Not like it's fun or anything. :D

Even before Steam was around, I had always wished games had 'counters' or something to track how many hours I had played of a game. Wouldn't want to even guess w/ RoI. 30-40 sounds low even.

Played the hell out of it when it was downloaded. Then, after the last update, I just fired it up through itch to check.  Then played a couple more hours later, the old way. Says I've played for 3 minutes! bahahahahahaha

Just a general observation. ;) 

Great game! Only reason I look forward to the Steam release is because I use Steam all the time. Maybe I can get a whole 3 minutes through Steam too!


Ah, thank you very much! 

If it helps anyone for the future: For Win 7, it's actually %appdata%/roaming/projectautomata

Guess I'm blind or stupid, but where is the saved games location? (so i can take out some, but not Purge) Thanks.

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I had read the Trello roadmap. Oh, I read it as Early March. Is that correct?

Understand no shifting economy yet, but there's no terraforming at all yet? No raise, lower or flatten? Thanks.

Oh, that makes more sense. Whew.

Okay, so what I'm taking from that is: static maps, the rest of the game in DLC, right? Since the original has random gen, figured you already knew how to do it.

If you bought the game on Desura, you can still get Steam keys. Steam on Steam would be a good idea. Don't really know how Itch works.

We easily, and by far, prefer massive procedural galaxies/planets. Plus, you should consider offering a discount for owners of SM1.