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Thanks dude! When I finish and release the third alpha to Dracula's Castle (Alpha 3) maybe you should give it a go if ya want. It's a bit different from my other games cause it's an action game with a sprinkle of horror to it. It's about an hour long at the moment, but when it's finished it'll probably be 2-3 hours long. It's one of my bigger games that I plan on releasing onto Steam in the future. Obviously you don't have to play it, you can always wait for BUNKY (the sequel to TUNKY) to come out after Dracula's Castle. ;D

I will definitely play Dracula's Castle once it's complete! I want a full, fresh experience with the full game. Can't wait for BUNKY! I've been binging your games and holy baby Jesus they're great! Get ready for spam on your download pages from your's truly xD

Lol alright nice! Btw I'm actually glad you decided to play Dracula's Castle when it's complete. Cause right now gameplay and everything is raw. Can't wait to see your future videos.