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when his your next game coming

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Great question.  Game development is a slow and calculating  process. So therefore factoring working a job during my week and other things that take up my time. I would say not soon. So I would ask you to be patient since I don't see the point giving people a rushed and buggy game. 


C&D Cardboard Games. 

dont worry i am very patient i was just curious

and have you ever thought of making your own games other then parody game its more fun to be creative then making parody games


Yes I already understood from the beginning of my game dev journey that parody game while great yes. Its better to create your own games. So yes I absolutely thought about that. The reason why I made crunchy and toasty is because it was a fun thing to do and get experience in game development. Other than that I most likely won't make any more parody games. 


C&D Cardboard Games.

no problem