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is this a new speedrun record?


if it happens (wich i hope it will) do you have any new ennemies in mind for the game?

welp... i guess this is good bye boofie's bunker itchio page.

for the record i never played andy's apple farm



when will the update come out?

i'm dealing with a bug were the menu shows up but there are no buttons showing can you please help me?

that's just a suggestion i'm not going to force you to do it

you're giving me the one thing i actually wanted

you should've added the lanky lonky mode to tunky

hi dave! can you explain the monsters abilities sometimes i dont understand

maybe cursed but better to me honestly

what do you think of my idea

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happy one year anniversary atcabb!

you brought us a lot of joy in the past year


i think its a pretty good suggestion!!!!

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idea boss: ingot saw something crash somewhere near the cabin and asks you to go chek it out then when you chek there, it is an alien invasion!!!!!!

new enemmy:  olians

new boss: olian lord

new weapon: olian blaster

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!! you can add it to your game if you like the idea but i am not forcing you to do it


i hope i dint bother though

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sorry to bother but i found out that it wasnt a bug it was just my game that opened up twice so there was two games runing at the same time lol

i found abug were the main menu theme song keeps playing when i play the game




i love ducks but my favorite animal is the seagull

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i love it but i think dave.EXE is better but it's still the best parody game dave made though

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RIP stftd major update (2019-2021)

we will never forget you


hopfully it will happen

so what do you think of the game

yep always did

you're right thats why i never even asked dave to make it free once

remember when i said i cant buy things on my laptop well if the price of dave.EXE going to be less then five dollars then i will be able to buy it (i am not saying that for you to put it at a lower price)