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C&D Cardboard Games

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Also maybe change the image

Sure, you can post your game that's not a issue. 

Hey everyone this is where you c an post feedback about the game jam to help us better improve. Post your topics.

Hey, Great question yes there is. I will bring your question up with the team to discuss

Is there a Download for this game or else I will have to remove your submission 

Good question. What you do with your game after the Jam is up to you and yes you can publish it on your page we encourage you to do so. As your second question just your profile which I am sure it asks you to put the URL too but if not just send me email or DM me on here if that’s a thing.

There should be a submit button I believe that should point you in the direction of submitting your game.

Alright as you all know there are only tomorrow days before we kick this Jam off. So far we have had a really great turn out.

Now the theme will be released one day before the jam starts which will be tomorrow. Remember guys spread the word.

Stay frosty

All I will say it’s gonna be a interesting theme to make a game too. ;)

Well Me and my fellow admins sat in discord and had a chat about potiental themes. You will be notified a day before the jam starts. 

Hey man, absolutely! Stay tuned for the announcement of the theme. 

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You all might be wondering what this is for? Well it’s dev corner post teasers and do cool development things! (In Different Topics)

If you have any Questions about the Jam Post them Here .

Welcome to the Game Jam Forms where you can chat or post your teasers for your games here.