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Hi, absolutely love this character <3 so I downloaded this pack to use within my game as an option for a main character. I'm looking to give the player a nonbinary/androgynous option to choose instead of only male or female and the head for this character is perfect. It says in the pack that I can't alter the image without discussing it first. Is there any chance I can alter it so the breasts are less obvious to make it more androgynous? The edits would be small, just editing the shadow across the chest and the breast curves toward the arms


Thanks for messaging, happy to hear you like her design :)

As long as your game is not commercial, then yes you may edit the art to appear more androgynous. If you plan to sell your game, however, we will need to discuss a single use license. 

Thank you so much! This is just a university student project that will be uploaded for free here on itchio once completed