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The "soundless" version had audio whenever I fired. Keeping space pressed makes it a ship with a trail and enemies who touch it die. Didn't know if I was supposed to go right but that's when enemies showed up.

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so, this game is intended to have no clear goal. Im developing it with open world in mind. I had another bug on launch where none of the events spawn, but basically usually theres smaller events and boss fights you can take on in world. As it stands, even i dont really know where i want it to go. the space bar is to fire your weapon, if you tried to tutorial, and the soundless version was mostly to get rid of the music. Ill update the description of the "soundless" build accordingly.

hotfix for the event problem inbound. sorry for the inconvenience.

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It feels entirely open-world so good job. As for the bullets, what I mean was that as your bullets are slower than your ship (the enemies as well), flying in one direction will leave a trail of bullets behind you. It's a cool way to do Space combat as you need to keep enemies on your trail.


mh! in that case, thanks owo im glad you enjoyed(?) it XD

It's quite enjoyable. You have to fly around your enemies close enough since your tail is short. :p