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The first feeling I got was that those portals look oddly familiar to the ones in Diablo. All that art and sound is accounted for, right?
It's a basic platformer but it could use more polish. Namely (my personal nitpicks):

  • It shouldn't be possible to rotate the wolves upwards (they stay frozen). This happened when I was trying to throw 2 sequential ones off a ledge.
  • There should be a hotkey to switch the spell or at least use other spells. Having to click it is too much trouble when you're using keyboard controls.
  • Sprites shouldn't be in completely different styles (namely pixelated hearts and smooth coins).

All the art, sprites, sound effects used are taken from internet with their creators permission.

Wolves and hotkeys will be fixed in next update. 

In terms of sprites I don't have permission to modify or change them in any way.