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I've just played "The Pixel Bro" and thought it was really good. I enjoyed it so much I did a map for you.

If you want me to do a video then let me know and apologies for the map as it was just a straight screen print but be carefull when you hit screen second left on the bottom (2,4) as going left will repeat the screen before you hit the big room on the bottom left.

Wdit: I played the game 3 more times, 1 just to play it then I tried to record a video with the software for the video card and it didn't work, so I played it for the erm 7th time and used the windows 10 recording facilities and it recorded and here is the video.

Bloody Awesome
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Woah, thanks a bunch for playing! I probably should make a full HD map... Added binary builds, they should be easier to record.


Thanks for adding the binary builds. I'm going to visit pico8 today as there are a couple of nice little games I want to play and do some more mapping and walkthroughs. Good luck with all your projects.