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Hey really nice, the story mode was well done in terms of the little snippets of text and pictures etc.  Once I did the tutorial I had a lot of fun taking out the portals and using all the different weapons.  It was genuinely fun!  I think the camera shake was fine, but the automatic zooming was the only problem, when it zoomed right in you couldn't see what was going on, I'd say vastly reduce the difference between the max zoomed in and zoomed out view - seeing more of the screen was much better.  When I survived for the 2 minutes, I was really expecting for the little picture to become coloured in to tell me I had finished the level, as it was it just kicked me out and I wasn't sure if I'd done it or missed something.  Really nice game though!

Thanks for commenting. I definitely need to add more feedback for winning and losing, that'll be one of the next pushes I do. I will make some improvements to the camera system. Trying to make a dynamic camera might have been biting off more than I can chew :P

Glad you like the weapons. There will be more in the future.