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The game is like old point and clicks, like Monkey Island. You'll need to press interact/use in order to interact with objects.

Thank you for your critism. The following will be changed. (In the Jessy chapter 1 update)

  1. Options. Full screen is fully capible in Godot, and done easily
  2. Jessyweird2 (The font) will be changed out with a newer/readable font
  3. I'm not sure on this one, but the removal of the big X, it was a quickfix. for the windows exit button not working.

I tried clicking all over the place, especially trying to pick that Teddy up. Nothing seemed to work.
Ah, with JessyMusic next to the game the audio works. Alright.
The font doesn't look bad, it's just small. Surely there's an easy way to increase its size?
I'm sure you can use the windows' own 'X' button to close it. Quitting within the game is usually up to the menu anyway and you already have Escape to go back to the main Menu.

Well... I didn't know escoria had the feature the return to main menu.... (Hahaha...whoops.) Still the window's button doesn't work. I don't know why escoria did that, but I plan on fixing it anyways.

What do you mean "Ah, with JessyMusic next to the game the audio works. Alright."?