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Thank you for continuing this project regardless of the hurdles you had to overcome to get to where it is at now. The Being One series was one I really dug in when I ran into the first episode in high school and continued to play the rest of the series(along with other games you released as well). Searching for the next episode after playing the 5th game, I saw a post about how you were considering making the next (probably last at the time, memory is a bit faulty) episode as a 3D game, something new and interesting. Well, I decided to check again and found this, finally released, and you can bet I'm excited to play it(just bought it today)! Thanks again for your hard work, I look forward to your upcoming episodes!

And one additional question, would it be possible to translate this game into VR? I know its far fetched, the only reason I'm asking and suggesting it is based on the demo I played(found and played the demo before I realized the full game was out) most interactions are very simple and straight forward( grabbing objects, touching objects to activate them such as computers, ect) and the movement isn't complicated at all, which makes me think these kind of mechanics could translate well into VR.  As of now, VR doesn't have an enormous selection of games, and its possible this game could pull in additional players if put out there as a game that can be played as a VR title as well. Just a thought. Thanks again.

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Thanks for the kind words of support - It's been a lot of work for very little reward but them's the breaks I suppose ;-)

I will probably look into VR in the future but for now I have got to make a living and that means I don't have time to 'play' around with cool stuff like VR etc - but I would love to - someday.