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The crevice is definitely a cool addition. I like the way you reused that single room for a bidirectional passage by warping the player to the top or bottom of the crevice adjacent to the exit for the direction they're headed.

I think it doesn't end? You collect the faffins and then you're stuck?

The pink and purple look great together. The bit about "you can't go to the city" is a cool way of indicating there's more to the wider world that you can't access.

thanks for the kind words! i ran into a bit of an issue getting the game to end: the idea was to go back through the portal when you collected all the faffins, but you can't dynamically add endings into scenes. so i had to use a hack to change some exits in the second room, so they would take you to a version of the first room with the ending tile. that only works of course if you go into the second room after collecting everything, and then try to go back to the first room. i was hoping to make it more seamless but i ran out of time and didn't want to hack it too much.